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Fraud Alert

First Federal has been notified that some customers have received text messages claiming that their Debit card is locked and is requesting the card number, expiration date and CVV number. The calls are originating from various states throughout the US. This is a scam and customers should not respond. If you have done so please contact your local branch office immediately.

In cases such as this, scammers do NOT know if you have a debit card or a credit card from any financial institution. They are simply hoping to convince victims to give out sensitive information by creating a sense of urgency. First Federal will not request any personal information, card numbers, account information or PIN numbers from cardholders over the phone.

First Federal Bank is constantly monitoring for fraudulent activity and customers may receive a call from our Debit Card Fraud Services. Individuals from Debit Card Fraud Services will only verify transaction information and will not ask for the debit card number, expiration date , CVV number or request any personal information.

For more information on phone text scams and how to protect your identity please visit